Family Vacation Session - Disney's Boardwalk - Walt Disney World

Nothing makes me more nervous than when asked by another photographer to capture their family photos. Even more nervous when the request is to capture them on their family vacation in Florida!! But who would turn that opportunity down? As a photographer with a gypsy wanderer soul, I love traveling and shooting in locations that are all new to me. I dream of the day, I just get to travel and shoot photos. I met Ashley 4 years ago on a Facebook group for local photographers. I reached out to her for some advice on shooting a newborn, and she graciously came to my studio and spent hours with me, brought props and wraps, taught me her techniques, and gave some solid advice. She was fun to be around, we just naturally fell into being friends. She and her family are one of the biggest hearted, kind, generous families that I have had the pleasure of knowing. I was leaving my house to bring her back something I had borrowed from her one day early in our friendship, and when I went to start the car, it did not turn over. I called her to let her know, that I would not be able to return her things right away, that I was having car trouble. She then says, “That’s okay, I’ll come to you and bring my husband. He’s a mechanic.” I could not believe it, this girl barely knew me. She did in fact show up with her husband, who checked out the car. He took off to the parts store, and literally spent several hours in my driveway fixing my car! It was one of those moments in life that I will never forget. They are the type of people that make you want to be a better person yourself.

When Ashley asked if I would want to come to Florida to take their family photos, I absolutely was not going to turn that down! I adore her and her family, and would be honored. As the day grew closer and closer, I started to worry about my ability to capture their photos. I was worried that she might not love them, that I would mess up, that wouldn’t capture those images of her family that she had pictured in her head. I was so nervous that I would deliver disappointing images to someone that takes such beautiful, jaw dropping images herself. But the day was here, and it would be more disappointing to my friend if I backed out because of my nerves. I am so glad I went. Even though I still doubt the images I delivered….I was so happy to spend that time getting to know her family even better. She has the 2 most beautiful, sweet, well mannered girls. I mean seriously, these 2 little girls are absolute Angels! Her husband is the most supportive, loving, kind, quiet, and helpful man on the planet (Ashley- you hit the jackpot!). And her parents who were just as welcoming and gracious, and Hilarious people. It was just a joy to spend a couple of days with them all, and I wanted to share their images with you all here. And please take a moment to go check out Ashley’s photography….I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Last day as a Mommy of 1

I have really been meaning to blog this session of my dear friend and her sweet baby boy.  Tomorrow, she will become a mom of 3, as she introduces her twin girls to their big brother.  Today they had their last family of 3 adventure to a Mariners game.  And as I watched her snaps of little Asher soaking up all that attention, I couldn't help but think about how life might change a little tomorrow.  He will have been the only child in their family to have ever experienced being "an only child".  Mom has spent hours staring at him, studying him, memorizing every freckle, dance move, sound, facial expression and cry.  And he has soaked up 2 years of her warm embraces, undivided attention, story times, and snuggles.  Tomorrow he will have to share mom, but it will all be worth it!  Little Asher will have double the side-kicks, double the fun, double the giggles, and double the love.  His little heart might actually burst!  

When people look at these pictures they see a mommy teaching her little guy how to bake cookies. But they are so much more.....he has taught her how to be selfless, to be patient, and how to love unconditionally, and these photos have captured just that.  While shooting this session, I thought to myself how I would be losing my sh*t trying to bake cookies with any of my toddlers.  Especially if I was pregnant with twins while doing so!  It was in that moment that I realized.....Man, Natasha really has this down.  Motherhood suits her.  She has the patience of a Saint, she oozed love towards her little man, she spoke softly and was encouraging, she was engaged and present.  I stood there in awe of her parenting skills.  I have no doubts that if there is anyone can handle the chaos of twins and a toddler, it's my friend, Natasha.  I am so incredibly excited to meet the girls and capture more moments like this for you.  We are waiting Evie & Kinsley.....go easy on your momma tomorrow! 

Mommy & Me

Has it really been 6 months since my last blog post?!!  I really do need to do this more.  I just had to share a little of Molly and Malachi's recent session.  I have been capturing this beautiful family since Darius asked Molly to marry him.  As much as I LOVE capturing them as a family.....this little session just for mommy, was so sweet.  Within seconds of getting out of the car, Mal picked a flower for mommy which he carried throughout the entire session.  We knew we were just going to let Mal do his thing....and hopefully he would warm up to the camera.  But this guy knew exactly why I was there.  He was hamming it up the whole time.  If I tried to hide out of sight, he would be looking all over for me.  We spent an hour just discovering Discovery Park in Seattle on a warm weekday evening.  It was absolutely perfect!  Thank you Molly for letting me capture your precious mommy moments, all those snuggles, laughs, and smooches.  I adore you both! 

Sweet Valentine Mini Sessions

I love holding mini sessions.  It allows me to see clients again and again....and watch their children grow!  Plus the super fun, stinking cute, prop sets and little outfits....gahhh....LOVE IT!  So in honor of Valentines Day, I wanted to share a few images from the little sweethearts that came to visit me!  Stay tuned for Spring Themed Mini Sessions coming up in late March!  And cross your fingers for some beautiful warm, sunny days ahead!  Happy Valentines Day!  I love all of my clients!  

Sweet 16

I have been dying to blog this session....and today is the perfect day.  Today this sweet girl turns 16. I am so happy I decided to turn a family trip to the snow, also into an opportunity to capture this beauty.  Not only is she gorgeous on the outside....but this girl has a heart of gold.  It shines through in the way she interacts with her toddler sisters, her parents and weirdo photographers like myself.  I hope you had the absolute best day today!!  Happy Birthday Amiya!   

Bringing Holiday Magic to the Asplunds

Two of my most favorite humans ever, have been in a long 3 year battle to bring their own little humans into this world.  This couple is near and dear to me.  They are my children’s Godparents.  And they are dying to be parents themselves.

Infertility is such a touchy subject.  It’s a lonely battle.  Especially when you are at the age when it seems that everyone around you is all starting their families.  And it seems to come effortlessly or accidentally to some.  You do everything right, the way you were supposed to.  You date, get married, buy a home, get a dog, plan for parenthood, and then……You wait.  Well, not this month, maybe next.  Month after month, year after year passes and you are still waiting for your turn.  You are happy and smiling on the outside, yet you struggle silently on the inside because you don’t want your loved ones to feel burdened by your pain.  I am somewhat familiar with this pain, but on a much smaller scale.  Those of you that know me well, know that we struggled to have Jimmy.  But after 3 rounds of clomid, he was here.  I can't imagine having that same feeling month after month for so long.  The anxiety, the frustration, the's a lot to bear.

My hope here is to help ease the financial burden to this adored couple.  So that when they are able to welcome a child into their home, whether it is another IUI treatment, IVF treatment, or future adoption….they can do so without major financial strain.  It’s never easy asking for help, support, or otherwise.  And sometimes it may be challenging for others to donate to the cause.  So I have come up with my solution to help, doing what I do best.  I wanted to offer something different, and more personal than my regular Holiday mini sessions.  Something that would also involve Mirinda and Nels.  And something you might be planning to do this year anyways!  All proceeds from this package will go directly to the Asplund Baby Fund.  Here is the offer:

Christmas Magic Sessions

This is an In-Studio Session.  We will have the studio decked out with Christmas decorations, music, and a tree.  We will take pictures of your family, your kids, and your pets, whatever you’d like.  We will attempt my favorite Christmas Magic Photo of your children reading their favorite story.  And after this, there will be a special knock at the door with a surprise visit from Santa (Nels) and Mrs. Clause (Mirinda)!  They will bring cookies and cocoa, and we will get another picture while your little ones tell Santa how good they’ve been all year.  So skip the lines and rushed visit at the mall, and help out a very special couple become a family.  These sessions are limited and will be held rain or shine.  The session is $150, and will include:  Your Session (approx. 25 minutes).  Minimum of 5 edited digital images.  1- Printed 8x10, and the option to purchase additional prints and digitals at a discounted price.  If you are not interested in the photography package, please consider donating via GoFundMe:

Side note:  If you are wanting my regular Holiday minis outdoors, I am willing to discount that package if you opt to do both!   This particular session will be held on December 4th.  Please select your session time and email me at  Session will need a $50 deposit to hold your spot.  Remainder can be paid at the session.  I will update the time table as booking are made.


12:00 - Lindsey K.

12:30 - Staci J.

1:00 - Ashley H.

1:30 - Heather C.


2:30 - Katrina F.

3:00 - Carolyn P.

3:30 - Andreea D.

4:00 - Katie

4:30 - Ashley C.

5:00 - Kellie G.

5:30 - Erin H.

6:00 - Britni W.

6:30 - Guild


7:30 - Sara T.

Soon to Be Mr. & Mrs. Baird!!

We are under 2 months away from Whitney & Ryan becoming one!  I am beyond excited for their wedding in April.  Whitney is another extremely talented photographer (go check her out) with Whitney Patterson Photography.  We met through a Facebook network of photographers, and she has 2nd shot a few weddings for me last year.  It was my first year taking the lead on weddings, so it was awesome to have a seasoned pro as my back up!  We quickly became friends...and I often asked if Ryan had popped the question yet?!  Their story is sweet....they met snowboarding, fell in love, he popped the question while on a camping trip and she was eating some greasy fried chicken....And now the story just gets better from here.  I am so excited to be a part of your big day! 

Baby K turns 2.....

I first met Kasen and his parents at his 1 year cake smash....he was seriously the BEST DRESSED baby I have ever come across!!  I get so excited to see what mom will dress him in at his sessions.  And he did not disappoint for his 2 year pictures either....Adorable!  Little Kasen holds a special place in my heart, as he is nearly the same age as my littlest one, and I secretly hope they end up going to prom together one day!  He is funny....scratch that....HILARIOUS, sweet, and Super Smart!  He was counting and reciting the alphabet, and talking up a storm!   I could just eat him up!  He spent the morning cheesing it up in front of the camera for me.  Thank you Naomi & Justin for trusting me again to capture these milestones and memories!  You are so blessed by this little man! 

And then comes Baby.....

I loved capturing these photos for Rachel.  When she contacted me, she really just wanted a few to document that she was pregnant.  Nothing over the top.  Just her and her bump.  We planned to just shoot a short session so she could walk away with a handful of bump pics.  I was really excited to see that Aaron tagged along, and allowed me to sneak him in a few of them.  Such a lovely much love in the room.  This little guy will be so LOVED!  Thank you Rachel for trusting me again to capture your memories.

Mr. & Mrs. Finch 8.21.15 {High Cedars Golf Course, Orting, WA}

Capturing this wedding meant so much to me.  This family is one the of greatest families I have ever known.  They make you feel like part of the family the moment you meet them.   The moment I saw Stephanie and John were engaged, I knew I wanted to shoot this wedding!  And every part of the day was perfect!  I am so happy for this couple and their families.  I'm super excited to finally feature them this week in my blog!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Finch! 

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson 7.25.15 {Tacoma, WA Wedding Photographer}

Seriously one of the BEST bridal parties I have met.  Gorgeous Bride, Gorgeous Summer Day, Stunning Greens, and one heck of a party!  Loved everything about this day.  Thank you Marybeth and Brian for choosing me to be a part of it!  I love the friendship that formed as well.  You both are some of my favorite people.

Tahnee & Jonathan 6.20.15 {Buckley Wedding Photographer}

There was nothing I didn't love about Tahnee & Jonathan's wedding!  They have been together for nearly a decade, and have a beautiful daughter.  There was so much love between them, and so much love and support from loved ones.   Tahnee's simple, beautiful, country style was perfect for this sweet venue, Filigree Farms.  The soft pastel colors she chose were completely swoon worthy!  Thank you so much Tahnee for choosing me to capture your special day!  You were simply Gorgeous....and Jonathan is a lucky man! 

Venue:    Filigree Farms, Buckley, WA

Second Photographer:  Whitney Patterson,

Princess Evalina 6 days new {Tacoma Newborn Photographer}

This beautiful princess made her appearance a little early!  I was scheduled to take her Mommy's maternity photos, and when I messaged her the address we were to meet at, she messaged that her water broke that morning!  EXCITING!!!  Bummer that we didn't get a chance to capture her in the belly too.  Evalina came to the studio with her Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma (visiting from Venezuela) on Father's Day morning.  She was the sleepiest little dream baby to photograph, although Daddy told me she was up all night partying.  Bad for them....great for me!  She didn't budge as I moved her all around the studio.  She opened her eyes in the end as I was trying to wrap her....she gave a few fusses, so I managed to sloppily wrap her before she got too hungry.  She is such a beautiful little girl!  Had lots of fun with her and her family in studio.  Thanks for choosing me to capture these memories.....and spending your Father's Day in a very WARM studio!

Lyndsie & Nate Tribble {Kirkland Wedding Photographer}

Featured on the Blog today is Mr. & Mrs. Tribble!  Such beautiful intimate wedding in Kirkland.  The weather was a gorgeous May day.  Lyndsie and Nate opted to have an intimate photo session before their ceremony with an Amazing photographer, who captured them beautifully!  I was fortunate enough to be asked to come take some shots of the details of their big day.   And knowing this girl's taste....I jumped at the opportunity!  So happy I did.  :)  Congratulations Lyndsie & Nate!  Your ceremony was beautiful! 

Tommy Fresh 48 {Puyallup Newborn Photographer}

This sweet family first contacted me to photograph a newborn lifestyle session when they were set to bring home their son.  I had been wanting to do a session of a babies first 48 hours in the hospital.  I wish I would have had someone present after my births to capture siblings meeting for the first time amongst all the hospital chaos.  I asked if they would mind if I captured these moments in addition to the lifestyle session, and they obliged.  I am so happy they did!  This was my first time meeting the Watton family.  At first just mom, dad and baby were there....but they were expecting Grandma and Grandpa to bring Tommy's older sisters any minute!  It was perfect timing!  I got to capture the pure JOY on his oldest sisters face the minute she laid eyes on him.  It was one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed.  So much love in this family.  Congratulations Watton Family! 

Becoming a Mother..... {Puyallup Maternity Photographer}

This beautiful mommy wasn't sure she wanted maternity pictures.  Her friends and husband talked her into it....and I am so glad they did!  She looks stunning....and just glows.  I also had the pleasure of capturing their sweet daughters first day on earth and newborn photos at 6 days new.  Stay tuned for a blog with those pictures!  She is just a doll.....not to mention dream sleeper!  <3

The Almost Carbullido's! {Puyallup Engagement & Wedding Photographer}

I met Ashley at our weekly Wednesday night trivia date nights.  She often came in with her parents.  We hit it off immediately and I just Love her to pieces!  Fast forward a few years, and we both find out we are pregnant (her with her 1st, me with my 4th), and due just 2 weeks apart!  I delivered 2 weeks early, and Ashley a week late.  (Sorry Ash!)  In this time I have gotten to know and love her fiancé Josh.  These two couldn't have been better made for each other!  I am so excited and honored that you've asked me to take your wedding photos!  It will definitely be a celebration to remember!