Princess Evalina 6 days new {Tacoma Newborn Photographer}

This beautiful princess made her appearance a little early!  I was scheduled to take her Mommy's maternity photos, and when I messaged her the address we were to meet at, she messaged that her water broke that morning!  EXCITING!!!  Bummer that we didn't get a chance to capture her in the belly too.  Evalina came to the studio with her Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma (visiting from Venezuela) on Father's Day morning.  She was the sleepiest little dream baby to photograph, although Daddy told me she was up all night partying.  Bad for them....great for me!  She didn't budge as I moved her all around the studio.  She opened her eyes in the end as I was trying to wrap her....she gave a few fusses, so I managed to sloppily wrap her before she got too hungry.  She is such a beautiful little girl!  Had lots of fun with her and her family in studio.  Thanks for choosing me to capture these memories.....and spending your Father's Day in a very WARM studio!