Last day as a Mommy of 1

I have really been meaning to blog this session of my dear friend and her sweet baby boy.  Tomorrow, she will become a mom of 3, as she introduces her twin girls to their big brother.  Today they had their last family of 3 adventure to a Mariners game.  And as I watched her snaps of little Asher soaking up all that attention, I couldn't help but think about how life might change a little tomorrow.  He will have been the only child in their family to have ever experienced being "an only child".  Mom has spent hours staring at him, studying him, memorizing every freckle, dance move, sound, facial expression and cry.  And he has soaked up 2 years of her warm embraces, undivided attention, story times, and snuggles.  Tomorrow he will have to share mom, but it will all be worth it!  Little Asher will have double the side-kicks, double the fun, double the giggles, and double the love.  His little heart might actually burst!  

When people look at these pictures they see a mommy teaching her little guy how to bake cookies. But they are so much more.....he has taught her how to be selfless, to be patient, and how to love unconditionally, and these photos have captured just that.  While shooting this session, I thought to myself how I would be losing my sh*t trying to bake cookies with any of my toddlers.  Especially if I was pregnant with twins while doing so!  It was in that moment that I realized.....Man, Natasha really has this down.  Motherhood suits her.  She has the patience of a Saint, she oozed love towards her little man, she spoke softly and was encouraging, she was engaged and present.  I stood there in awe of her parenting skills.  I have no doubts that if there is anyone can handle the chaos of twins and a toddler, it's my friend, Natasha.  I am so incredibly excited to meet the girls and capture more moments like this for you.  We are waiting Evie & Kinsley.....go easy on your momma tomorrow!