Here goes FIRST ever blog entry

Hey Friends, Family, and Fans!!  Thank you sooooo much for visiting my page, and looking so far into it that you actually came across my first blog entry!  This past year has been one of the BEST!  As most of you know.....I have really stepped up my photography game.  This is something I have dabbled in for quite a few years, but I am so excited to see where it takes me now.  After Jill was born, my desire to stay home became much BIGGER!  She could possibly be my last little baby, and I want more than ever to be home with all the kids more.  I want to be that "Maplewood Mom".  Hahaha.  (For those of you that don't know....Maplewood is the elementary school down the road)

The beginning of the year started with the birth of my 4th child, Jillian Rae, on January 9th.  Prior to her being born (or conceived, for that matter), I purchased my first DSLR camera.  I was in my kids faces non-stop.  When Jimmy was 4 months old, I fell in love with our mini photo session with Rachel from Prissy Piggies.  When I saw a few months later that she was holding a workshop on photography....I jumped on it.  I learned so much from her in just a day.  And I met some fabulous ladies!  Since then, I haven't put my camera down.  Within a year, I was getting so many compliments on my families photos, and requests from friends to snap their pictures.....that Patti-Cakes Photography was born!  So here I am, 2 years later.....and I am dying to be able to make this my full-time career!  And with all of you supporting me, referring me, and trusting me to take your families pictures....I am starting to get there!  I will certainly miss the workplace that has been go good to me, and that I've come to love as a family for the past 10 years.....but I am so ready to see my dream become a reality! 

I've met some really awesome new friends in this photography world too!  I hired Jamelyn of Photography by Jamelyn to take my maternity and newborn pictures of Jillian.  And since then our friendship has blossomed, and she blessed me with the opportunity to share a studio space with her in Tacoma about 6 months ago.  She also let me tag along to all of her weddings last year, and be her 2nd shooter.  I have learned so much from this girl.....and I just LOVE her to pieces!! 

Well....I just wanted to "Give Thanks" for my first blog entry.  I want to thank God, for all the opportunities he has placed before me and for the people he has connected me with.  I want to thank my family, Nolan for supporting me and pushing me and graciously giving me the time and money I needed to get this far, my two older children, Savannah and Parker, for coming to my sessions, helping carry props, equipment, and everything else I ask them to do, and my two babies....for sacrificing their "mommy time" so that I can run off on the weekends to become a better photographer.  I love and appreciate you ALL.  And lastly, thank you to my family and friends that have spread the word about me and trusted me to capture your memories.  I am forever grateful for your continued support!   

And what would a photographers blog be without a few pictures?!!  Here are a few of my family in 2014.......