Family Vacation Session - Disney's Boardwalk - Walt Disney World

Nothing makes me more nervous than when asked by another photographer to capture their family photos. Even more nervous when the request is to capture them on their family vacation in Florida!! But who would turn that opportunity down? As a photographer with a gypsy wanderer soul, I love traveling and shooting in locations that are all new to me. I dream of the day, I just get to travel and shoot photos. I met Ashley 4 years ago on a Facebook group for local photographers. I reached out to her for some advice on shooting a newborn, and she graciously came to my studio and spent hours with me, brought props and wraps, taught me her techniques, and gave some solid advice. She was fun to be around, we just naturally fell into being friends. She and her family are one of the biggest hearted, kind, generous families that I have had the pleasure of knowing. I was leaving my house to bring her back something I had borrowed from her one day early in our friendship, and when I went to start the car, it did not turn over. I called her to let her know, that I would not be able to return her things right away, that I was having car trouble. She then says, “That’s okay, I’ll come to you and bring my husband. He’s a mechanic.” I could not believe it, this girl barely knew me. She did in fact show up with her husband, who checked out the car. He took off to the parts store, and literally spent several hours in my driveway fixing my car! It was one of those moments in life that I will never forget. They are the type of people that make you want to be a better person yourself.

When Ashley asked if I would want to come to Florida to take their family photos, I absolutely was not going to turn that down! I adore her and her family, and would be honored. As the day grew closer and closer, I started to worry about my ability to capture their photos. I was worried that she might not love them, that I would mess up, that wouldn’t capture those images of her family that she had pictured in her head. I was so nervous that I would deliver disappointing images to someone that takes such beautiful, jaw dropping images herself. But the day was here, and it would be more disappointing to my friend if I backed out because of my nerves. I am so glad I went. Even though I still doubt the images I delivered….I was so happy to spend that time getting to know her family even better. She has the 2 most beautiful, sweet, well mannered girls. I mean seriously, these 2 little girls are absolute Angels! Her husband is the most supportive, loving, kind, quiet, and helpful man on the planet (Ashley- you hit the jackpot!). And her parents who were just as welcoming and gracious, and Hilarious people. It was just a joy to spend a couple of days with them all, and I wanted to share their images with you all here. And please take a moment to go check out Ashley’s photography….I am sure you will love it as much as I do!