Photo Courtesy of "Photography by Jamelyn"

Photo Courtesy of "Photography by Jamelyn"

Hi!  I’m Patti of Patti-Cakes Photography.  California born, Alaska raised, and living in the middle in the good old Pacific Northwest, Puyallup, Washington.  Besides my camera, I love:

My four awesome kids, My husband, Nolan, Sunshine and beaches, Dancing, Traveling, Diet Coke, Anything chocolate, My crazy girlfriends, and Skinny Jeans!!

Nothing gets me more giddy than when I see images I took as clients profile pictures, or come back to me as announcements, or Christmas cards!  It means they loved my work enough to share it with others.  That is EXCITING!!  I love that my clients love my work and I LOVE what I do!

I have been a hobbyist photographer from a very young age.  My interest started in Mr. Crangle’s class in the 5th grade.  He had us all dress up as characters from a biography we were each assigned to, and had us take pictures of each other, and develop them in a darkroom.  I was hooked!!  I never thought of turning photography into a career for myself until I became pregnant with my fourth child almost 4 years ago.  It was at that point that I realized she may be my last, and I was missing all the good stuff at home while heading to my 9-5 job, with my daily 2 plus hour commute into the city.  I decided to start investing my time, money, and efforts into being able to pursue the things that make me happy, my Family and my Photography!  I look forward to the day I can say goodbye to the desk I’ve sat at for the last 11 years, and say “Hello” to my kids every morning and my clients during the day.  I look forward to having a batch of cookies in the oven while editing all your gorgeous photos! 

I hope you chose me to capture a special moment in your life, or just because.  I would love to meet you…..and for you to fall in love with the images I produce for you! 




(Patti-Cakes….a nickname given to me by my very special group of girlfriends….GVC!)

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